Adventurers are a Faction of people composed of people descended from the original people of Thistleland. A core founding member of The Adventure Guild their members can be found in almost all towns, villages and cities across Thistleland, and also in settlements in The Changed Lands and the Southern Continent. They are led by a Coyote called Mark.


While officially formed due to the discovery of the Restoration Shrine, the Adventurers existed as a series of unaffiliated Adventuring Groups and local town militia for long before then. Early Adventure Groups and militia in Thistleland were primarily occupied with the abandonment of larger settlements due to Mallweasel takeovers, as well as protecting newer settlements and villages with no shopping malls from roaming Red Planta, Roofection and other threats. More modern occupations such as Questing and scouting for lost artifacts were simply not a priority for such groups.

The discovery of the Restoration Shrine and resulting formation of the Adventurer faction to protect it, and almost immediate alliance with the local Mage faction led to the establishment of The Adventure Guild. While at first encumbered by it's own administrating The Adventure Guild was primarily concerned with establishing a defendable presence at the Cracked Temple ruin that would eventually become, however with the inclusion of the Clerks the Adventurers were freed from much of the paperwork and organisation of The Adventure Guild, enabling more modern Questing style work to be carried out.

From the destruction of Roofection, rediscovery of Cracked Temple ruins to the establishment of stable settlements across Thistleland, the Adventurers faction has proven itself time and again the most active faction of The Adventure Guild, their victories and prestige in the towns and villages across Thistleland leading to the mart of being an official Adventurer being a badge of honor for many, and an aspiration to many young kits and cubs in Thistleland.

The evacuation of Avala was the start of a time of tension with Adventurers as along with the civilian population of Avala came their own militia, who were highly trained and extensively experienced from their time in the fall of Avala. Feeling threatened by this and knowing the Avala Militia strongly wished to have access to the Restoration Shrine, the Adventurers consulted the Mages and Clerks, and a deal was struck. The Adventurers would allow the Avala Militia access to the Restoration Shrine and allowed them to be secondary members of The Adventure Guild, but the Avala Militia were disallowed from public adventuring or Questing, falling back on work that would support the Adventurers core Questing roles.

With the deal struck, the Adventurers have remained in a powerful position within The Adventure Guild and Thistleland itself, enjoying the benefits of controlling the only working Restoration Shrine, the excellent reputation afforded by many successful Quests on behalf of Thistleland, and the strength of numbers their recruitment method allows. While many Adventurers are known to be prideful and arrogant as a result most will take their duties and role seriously and are known to be level-headed, if rather foolhardy.


The Adventurers faction is fairly open in it's recruitment, though after the introduction of the Adventure Scouts they do have strict rulings on only accepting those with Thistleland heritage.

To be allowed to join the Adventurers faction, and therefore The Adventure Guild, a person must not be a known lawbreaker, have an existing Adventurer vouch for them, and have spent at least one existing medium-level official Quest from The Adventure Guild as an assistant for the existing Adventurer that is to vouch for them.

The purpose of the requirements is to both ensure a person is of good standing, or at least not a wrongdoer, and to allow the applicant the opportunity to experience life as an Adventurer before being recruited. Adventuring is certainly not something that suits most people, and the experience of assisting an existing Adventurer have been enough to persuade many assistants to cancel their application honorably.

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