Anna is the ideal figurehead for the Mages. Calm, cold, calculating and civilised, this tall cougar keeps herself aloof and above others she deals with, as is natural to someone such as herself.

As with many Mages, Anna prefers to wear expensive and elegant clothing, and often wears enchanted items, clothing and trinkets, her somewhat frail and elegant appearance concealing a frighteningly powerful array of magic she can use at a moments notice.

A vision for Mages, Anna keeps her order in vigorous check, ensuring the Mages home in the Cracked Shrine is safe, secure and always pushing the boundary of magic, spells and enchantments to new heights. In doing so she has kept the Mages mostly united, and spread their influence throughout Thistleland and beyond.

Anna is at the heart of the Mages attempt to ensure that magic within Thistleland are kept within safe limits, and it is her personal belief that the only way ultimately to secure the people of Thistleland, and more importantly her Mage charges, is to ensure that magic use by those not controlled by her order are no longer used.

Anna directly continues the work of her predecessor, continuing in the conviction that the Adventure Scouts and The Gamanic are people who must, both in the short term and long term, be stripped of their own magic, with replacements provided by Mages. in her mind this would remove dangerous variables in Thistleland, and ensure more people come under Mage 'guidance'.

As with many Mages, Anna considers herself amongst the most civilised of people in Thistleland, disdaining unwarranted violence, recklessness and actions she views as thoughtless. As such Anna often has disagreements with Mark, who she considers the classic portrayal of an idiotic Adventurer. She is known to put pressure on Jake on occasion, attempting to use him to further her progress with the organisation of Thistleland to suit the Mages.