The continent of Avala and it's people in Thistleland are known to have potent, but very specific, technology. While most of this was lost when the Avala population evacuated to Thistleland, they have retained knowledge of several pieces of equipment that ultimately are based on three core technologies.

Matter Converters

A core technology of the Avala people, Matter Converters can convert any standard physical matter into energy. The end process of this conversion is heat which can be considered a waste product in some devices, and the required energy type in others.

Matter Converters are used in almost all Avala based technology, providing the required thermal energy required by both steam powered machines, as well as the potential energy during conversion required to run their other two core technologies, Momentum Engines and Teleporters.

Matter converters can be designed to provide a steady rate of either potential or thermal heat, or built to provide pulses of large amount of energy on demand. Due to how they operate, overcharging a Matter Converter will typically melt the device to failure long before any overpowering problems.

Historically, the fuel of choice for Matter Converters by Avala people has been a very fine clay, which can be used as a heat buffer for prolonged use, though this may cook the clay into a ceramic if excessively used.

Due to their relative stability, Matter Converters are typically permitted by The Adventure Guild to be used, via a licence.

Momentum Engines

Used by a great number of Avala devices from tools to weapons, Momentum Engines are a technology that allows the altering of momentum around an object. An older technology of Avala, these devices can range from large cumbersome machines all the way down to small pill sized devices.

Momentum engines typically require power to operate, though in special cases the operation of the device can itself provide the power. The usual power source is potential energy from Matter Converters, and will provide an average power drain. However, in at least one case shock absorbers have been used to provide energy to Momentum engines, the engine cancelling out the momentum from falling by using the shock absorbers potential energy build up. Typically such mechanisms require manual resetting after use.

Under most conditions people from Avala are not permitted to use Momentum Engines or own them by The Adventure Guild, though there have been exceptions given to certain technology smiths and end users under the Inclusion Program.


One of the more recent Avala technologies developed before the evacuation to Thistleland, Teleporters do much as their name suggests; they teleport matter from one location to another. Powered by potential energy from Matter Converters, these high-drain devices can come in a variety of sizes, from watch size to the size of small rooms. typically, the smaller the Teleporter the shorter the range, though newer models offer great improvements.

Except in very rare cases, the use and ownership of Teleporters is expressly forbidden by The Adventure Guild. One of the few known examples of an authorised user of Teleporters is Chai Patch.