The Barynomyx is a large dinosaur that naturally reside in areas near the Decoction Raptor regions. Up to 33 feet tall and with possibly one of the most powerful jaws, this carnivorous animal is considered a high danger.

The main dangers of encountering a Barynomyx include their size, large claws, a relaxing form of hypnotism and potentially their powerful jaws.

While the jaws of a Barynomyx may be potentially the strongest yet found, as a species it seems that Barynomyx consider the use of their jaws as a display of skill and vitality. They will greatly prefer to use their gaze to subdue a person, alongside soft nuzzles, licks and otherwise affectionate attention, and once a victim is lulled into a helpless stupor they will carry away the person in their talons to a more suitable place in order to gently consume them, taking great care to cause no harm to the victim, and keep the prey in it's relaxed state. Often a Barynomyx will play or toy with a victim it finds easy to subdue, though will usually do this to enjoy both the victims taste as well as their emotional reactions.

Considering the size, capabilities and diet of the Barynomyx, it is perhaps surprising to find that they are very particular about their food, prizing softer prey, and creatures that appear less able to fight back. They are also known often to remove clothing, equipment and other items from their victims before consuming them, taking great pains to ensure they prey is not harmed. This, coupled with the Barynomyx apparent submissiveness to Decoction Raptors and general avoidance of actual confrontation suggests these creatures are much less aggressive or vicious mentally then would be expected. Some have even called the Barynomyx species as a "dainty creature".

In courting ritual, such prey are swallowed into a crop to rest peacefully while still under the relaxing spell for hours at a time, before being regurgitated and places at the feet of the courted Barynomyx as a demonstration of the Barynomyxs abilities. If accepted, this gift will then be consumed by the receiving Barynomyx in a gentle display, the more attention to the prey's comfort the more the Barynomyx shows returning affection.

Decoction Raptors and Barynomyx have a complicated relationship. While the two species will typically not attack each other, it appears clear that the Decoction Raptors are considered the superior hunters, and will often dominate a Barynomyx that intrudes on territories. if a person goes missing, Decoction Raptors will often search for them, and on many occasions have demanded in their silent way that a Barynomyx spit out the person they ate. Thankfully, due to the slow digestive processes of a Barynomyx, prey can often be rescued days after being consumed, though often weakened to helplessness from stomach massages.

Typically, the best response to a Barynomyx attempting to subdue a person is to attempt to push away it's talons when they try to hold, avert eyes from it's own, and push back if it's jaws try to start consuming, until rescue by Decoction Raptors. Using violence may force the Barynomyx to abandon it's attempt and use violence in self defence, at which their talons and jaws become highly formidable weapons.