A rabbit, a pirate captain and a bit of a shy introvert, little is publicly known of the Captains background as their name and even their true gender is kept secret by their crew. Extremely popular with their crew, the Captain has proven extremely competent at keeping their ship in one piece during battles, and fairly useless at most other things.

As with most bunnies hired on ships, the Captain was originally made part of the crew due to the Pirates superstitious belief that having rabbits feet on a ship would bring the ship and it's crew good luck. Unlike most Pirate rabbits, however, the Captain was a member of the more reasonable and law abiding Borebun family and not the usual DumDum family. As such they were more shy, reserved and gentle in personality then most rabbits on Pirate ships as well as more empathetic, earning them the affection of the rest of the crew. Due to the remainder of the ships crew being predators, this affection undoubtedly was responsible for them not being eaten by another crew member.

Their luck did run out, however, and due to a misunderstanding as to how the rest of the crew viewed the lone prey crew member on the ship, a newly hired deck swab ended up swallowing the Captain whole and alive. After considerable confusion, concern and said deck swab being hung upside down and shaken, the Captain was rescued from their fate by other crew members. After a discussion throughout the ship, and no doubt inspired by recent poor leadership by their current captain, the ships crew decided the only way to properly protect their single prey crew member was to promote them to the rank of captain, and as such, the Captain assumed the position they have held ever since.

While the Captain holds the seat of power for their ship, they have little actual control of day to day running of the crew. Wearing baggy, oversized captains clothes and hat (they don't usually make pirate captain outfits in rabbit size), they are still the ship's lucky mascot more then it's leader. As such when important decisions and actions are made, the Captain is usually told about it all afterwards and has very little say in the matter.

During peaceful events, the captain's time is usually split between being gently hushed by crew members during important decision making meetings, writing paperwork and correspondence, and being gently pulled into a random predator crew members bunk whenever said crew member need to indulge themselves in more predatorial instincts. However, during battles, the Captain takes up their traditional role to co-ordinate the ship. Early in the Captains leadership they displayed an incredibly good amount of level headed ability to control the ship, and has so far managed to keep the entire crew alive on every single battle encounter. This is mainly due to The Captain's prey-like instincts and cautious nature in engagements ensuring the ship and crew are kept intact as a priority. As such, during battles and other alert situations, the Captain is listened to by the crew members attentively and every one of their actions treated with the greatest respect. Once the battle is over, the Captain is once again treated like a very fond but ignorable tasty mascot.

Currently it is not known what the Captains real name, or even their gender currently is. This is mainly due to their ill-fitting clothing being baggy enough to make identification of gender difficult, and the crew electing to keep their name and gender a secret. The reason the crew do this is less in the Captains interest, and more in their own: The entire crew appear to consider the Captain their prey, and theirs alone. As such they dislike the idea of sharing their Captain with anyone else in any form, even down to their name and gender. The Captain has little say in this, having resigned to their fate.

The following are notable crewmembers that serve under the Captain:

-Mr. Tiggs (First Mate): Mr. Tiggs is an impressive tiger specimen, tall and muscular with a deep bass voice and strength to throw cannonballs. Clothed in shorts and a white vest, he can often be found smoking on his pipe. Originally Mr. Tiggs was the ship's captain, however while he has a strong will and powerful character, his gun-ho and bravado during battles ensured that he could not handle the ship properly in times of crisis. Originally reluctant to hand over captainship, especially to a rabbit, he has since come to respect the Captains level head and tactics during a crisis, and has become one of the most loyal crew members the Captain could wish for. Mr. Tiggs has been known to eat the Captain in order to hide them from other crew attentions, something the Captain has mixed feelings about.

-Ricardo (Petty Officer): A fox with a sharp rapier and sharp wit to match, Ricardo has charisma in spades and a fancy red cape to flutter in the wind. Elegant in clothing style and quick to apply flattery, Ricardo is content with his place on the ship and has little to no interest in greater responsibility.

-The Fennec Cannoneers (Cannoneers): The ships Cannoneers are, unusually, entirely made of Fennec Foxes. This group of fennecs has separated themselves into 5 crewman teams that skitter all over their cannon, loading, cleaning, arming and preparing the cannon. They will then fire the cannon while the team is still climbing all over it, sending Fennec Foxes flying all over the deck. once fired, the fennecs will brush their face fur before rushing back to their cannon to repeat the process, yipping constantly to each other in order to co-ordinate the effort. Thus far nobody has been able to work out which fennec is which. It is not uncommon to see a group of fennecs dragging a squirming worried-looking Captain into the hold, locking the door behind them and then making the strangest of sounds.

-Marcy (Able Seaman): Marcy is a Least Weasel with an interest in cleanliness. Often winding herself around parts of the ship she's repairing and cleaning, Marcy is known for being able to get herself into anywhere she wishes to complete a job, be it cleaning, repairing, or thieving. She has also been known to slink herself into the Captains quarters while the Captain rests, and then into the Captains clothing while they are still wearing it. What happens under the baggy clothing then is unclear but the Captain stops twitching fairly fast, though continues to gasp for a while through the process.