Chai Patch is a female fancy mouse Adventure Scout who lives in Burrow Valley.

Chai specialises in rescue and retrieval of persons post consumption by creatures and monsters. This rather unique role within The Adventure Guild has led to her being considered a person with a high importance role, and is on standby at any time for calling by The Adventure Guild to rescue people of standing, such as high ranking citizens, officials and traders.

Due to her standing within The Adventure Guild, she is one of the few Adventure scouts licenced to use teleportation technology, owning a couple small teleportation sticks that are pre-programmed to teleport whatever object is between them back to Chai's home, where she has a receiving room built. As well as Teleporters, she is allowed to use her Avala technology suit. She is also one of the few members of The Guild to be pardoned from any charge in use of the Restoration Shrine, due to the high risk in her role.

Chai's method of rescuing people is both simple as it is dangerous. She will attempt to have the creature consume her alongside the target, using her small size and skills at appearing helpless and delicious to encourage consumption. Once eaten, she uses her Teleporter Sticks to teleport the target to her house where the Mage installed. Once the target is teleported out, Chai will then have to wait for her Teleporters to recharge, a process that can take upwards of an hour or so. To increase her chances of survival, her clothing is made of a fabric that readily breaks down in the stomach into a substance that provides both an antacid effect, which slowly produces oxygen as a by-product. While this extends her survival within the stomachs of most creatures, it is by no means any guarantee she will last long enough to teleport herself out, requiring frequent use of the Restoration Shrine.

Much like all of the Patch family, Chai has a quirk in her interests she tries to hide, one that explains her role and willingness to go through with her career. Her interest is that of being worked on in a stomach, which she considers her strongest pleasure. While those she works with may have figured this out, so far it has caused no problems within The Adventure Guild.

Outside of work, Chai is has a friendly disposition, and often seems fragile or a bit helpless, though it's entirely possible that's just a result of training for her work.

Chai has a neighbour, Teara Spot, and is friends with Tea's Pet Genet. She is managed by Mala.