Decoction Raptors are a sentient, highly intelligent dinosaur found in The Changed Lands. A decoction Raptors feathers will melt in hot water to produce a drink that is unique to that individual raptor. Decoction Raptors are often named after the drink their feathers create.

Nomadic in nature, Decoction Raptors typically carry simple tools for daily tasks, often in pouches that are hidden under the wing. Due to this and their lack of a need for any clothing makes them appear at first glance to be feral animals.

Due to their high intelligence, flawless hunting methods, the number of missing people in expeditions through their territories and the fact that have been known to actively hunt people, The Adventure Guild advices all who go to The Changed Lands to avoid any area Decoction Raptors can be found in.

While they are feared by many of the more macho groups of Adventurers due to the weakest team members being snatched away by Decoction Raptors, what if often misunderstood is that Decoction Raptors will only hunt people they feel need rescuing from a stressful or unhealthy situation, such as someone bullies. Such snatched people are introduced to settlements of other people snatched by Decoction raptors, and allowed to live in harmony with the Raptors.

Despite assurances from such settlements, and contact with these helpful Decoction Raptors, The Adventure Guild remains greatly suspicious and anxious regarding Decoction Raptors. This is probably due to renegade Decoction Raptors and other dinosaurs that are known to eat people, such as the Barynomyx that Decoction Raptors often interact with.