The Dire Straits Map

Overview map of The Dire Straits

The Dire Straits

The Dire Straits are a set of land straits that connect the continents of Thistleland and The Changed Lands. There are three main Landmasses that compose the Dire straits, with the central and eastern isles being far larger then the western. The total length of the islands is around 280 miles.

The Dire Straits have a large population of creatures of unusual size (Dire, or Macro), and as such you may see mice the size of wolves, foxes the size of trucks and many more beside. such animals are more intelligent then their normal sized kin also. Around one tenth of the animal population is affected in this way.

The large fauna and flora dangers of the Dire straits has proven a barrier to most things passing through, restricting travel from Thistleland, and blocking the transformation based creatures of The Changed Lands from reaching Thistleland.


Due to their nature of being several landmasses, The Dire straights have varying climates.

The central and western island is forested, densely enough to be like a jungle in the inner areas of the landmass.

The eastern isle is more open, with areas of plains that have large roaming animals.


The Dire Port The Eastern Port (Nearby) The Changed Lands Port (Nearby)


Almost all inhabitants of The Dire Straits are Dire Animals, with the exception of the Dire Port's population.

Civilians The Adventure Guild Mages Adventurers
Clerks Adventure Scouts The East Avala Company Dire Animals

Common Creatures

While almost all creatures of note that can be found are Dire Animals, sometimes creatures from The Changed Lands manage to cross The Dire straits, making it to Thistleland. No Thistleland animals are known to have done the same yet.

Dire Animals Red Planta JellyRaptors Udderats

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