A Drake is a large, feral reptilian creature found in the north east of Thistleland as well as many of the more remote regions.

Sometimes confused with Moss Drakes, Drakes themselves are a specific breed of large reptile. They have no wings, unlike Dragons, nor do they have any breath attack, unlike Moss Drakes. They are, however, cunning, ravenous, and make for an extremely dangerous encounter.

While Drakes are a separate species, it is assumed the first Drakes were created from ascending Koprime in their effort to become Dragons. In modern times, while it is possible, few Koprime become Drakes, and instead the population is considered self-sustaining via normal wild breeding. It is unknown how, or even if Drakes can actually ascend into Dragons, as this has not been observed to happen in modern times.

One notable weakness of Drakes appears to be their pride. Despite not being able to talk, they appear to have a good understanding of language, and may stay their jaws on occasion if being praised or worshipped by a meal, such as a person or Kobold. Very rarely a Drake will be on good terms with a Kobold tribe, accepting the Kobold around as well as their sacrifices.

there have been known cases of Drakes reacting differently then expected to people and Kobold. It is possible that these are either newer Drakes formed from Koprime, or perhaps simply more intelligent Drakes.

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