Drop Bears

Drop Bears are a koala-like small to medium sized creature found in the trees near some of the ruins found in Thistleland. Uncommon enemies, Drop Bears are considered a serious danger to most Adventurers.

Drop Bears appear to have the same randomly occurring high-speed "active phase" condition affecting the Skitter Sloth, and also the same constant murderous blood rage. The condition also means that much like Skitter Sloths, Drop Bears usually have a soaking wet dishevelled appearance to their fur.

Often living in bushes and trees, they are largely hidden by foliage until an unfortunate person walks past. If the Drop Bear is in it's active phase, it will then leap at the person, grapple them with a vice-like grip and begin to both crush and bite at the victim. If the Drop Bear is in it's active phase as it bites, they are known to quickly gnaw a deep wound into the victim, often chewing their way several inched into the torso in but a few seconds.

Occasionally Drop Bears can be found migrating to a new home, moving from tree to tree. They will interrupt this to attack anyone they pass, or that passes them. The Adventure Guild presumes this migration is to other Ruins in Thistleland to infest.

Those encountering Drop Bears are encouraged to avoid being detected or if failing that kill the Drop Bear as soon as possible, preferably before it moves to it's active phase.

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