Fengus are a fungus based creature that looks like a large very soft and gentle fennec fox. Due to their apperence, it can be difficult to tell a Fengus from a normal larger fenenc fox at first.

Formed in muschroom circles, Fengus will see out sources of liquid based nutrients to drink. They are known to release spores around them which procude a kind of aphrodesiac effect, as well as clouding judgement. While the type of fungus they are made from is bioluminecent, the light they emit is too low to be seen except in total darkness.

Fengus are known to be friendly to people, and possible to tame. However, most times a Fengus will see a person as a possible nutrition source and will use a combination of their softness and spores to overcome a person to feed on.

A Fengus bite is generally considered harmless: Their structure is soft enough that when bitten even their sharp-looking teeth will feel like soft nubs. A Fengus may gnaw ns chew when feeding, though this will usually feel enjoyable. Otherwise, a fengus' maw is known to be pillow-like in softness.

Fengus were origenally brought to Thistleland by The Gamanic from The Dark Continent, and soon spread via their spores. While uncommon, they are best found in the deeper woods in the north of the continent.

Due to their diet and method of feeding, having a pet Fengus, or a Fengus that follows you can often be considered a stigma to people in Thistleland.