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Ferret Fluids are creatures commonly found in the Goo Woodlands, and are considered a low to medium threat by The Adventure Guild, depending on the Ferretfluids size. Currently The Adventure Guild is unsure if Ferretfluids are classified as Creatures or Monsters, however due to their animal like behavior they are currently marked as Creatures.

Appearing like a black and grey coloured ferret when standing still or moving around slowly, once a Ferretfluid runs, or moves at normal speeds it will become fluid. Ferretfluids have been known to consume prey both as a liquid (by enveloping and gradual absorption) and by consuming prey whole, often squirming, in it's normal ferret shape. It's fluid nature enables it to easily swallow live prey whole.

Ferretfluids have a large weakness against magnetism, displaying the fact that they are in fact made out of a ferrofluid. If struck or hit, they will often protrude ferrofluid liquid spikes and depressions as a pain response. Such spikes are simply disruptions in their internal magnetics, are harmless and vanish after half a second.

Ferretfluids are known to be playful, energetic and often hungry. Smaller Ferretfluids have been approachable and playful with adventurers and merchants heading through the Goo Woodlands towards The Changed Lands Outpost. The larger Ferretfluids, however, have been known to eat adventurers and merchants whole.

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