Guildtown is arguably the beating heart of the whole of Thistleland, and is certainly one of the largest settlements, with it's heart in the plains affording it excellent conditions for growth and prosperity. The Adventure Guild formed this city when it was formed many decades ago around the ruins and dungion of a long forgotton and abandoned Cracked Temple. The Temple's ruins contained one of the rarest and most remarkable discoveries in Thistleland: A Restoration Shrine. This highly important artifact both led to the Adventurers and Mages working together, and attracted a great number of people hoping to both protect themselves in the new Guilds defences and seek out their prosprity. Guildtown is this a bustling and vibrant city, almost compleatly free of the creature and monster worries that beset smaller settlements.


The Adventure Guild headquarters situated in the ruins of a cracked shrine, is a large circular building that is a couple stories high. Originally much taller when a Sealed Temple, the building was little more then a wall and a few ruined rooms when Adventurers found it. Now partially rebuilt to act as a headquarters of The Adventure Guild, the Restoration Shrine is located in it's centre.

Under the streets of Guildtown lay a vast amount of cellars, storage rooms and basements. Many of these are connected, and many of these connections travel further down, some even to the basements of the old Sealed Temple, others further still to the utility lines, tunnels and old rooms that have strange purposes long forgotten. Off limits and rarely visited, these forbidding underground vaults, tunnels, caves and rooms are collectively known as the Undercity. While considered abandoned by many, and of little importance, they are kept off limits by The Adventure Guild due to potential interference with the Restoration Shrine, and due to the occasional reports of monsters till lurking in the deeper depths. People do still use the Undercity on occasion, for smuggling and other illegal activities. Sometimes not all who venture down return, and sometimes something comes up to snatch someone checking the stock in their basements...

Samuels Coffee And Confectionary shop is one of the most reputable stores in all of Thistleland, selling coffee that is considered second to none. Owned by Samuel, the traditional themed dark wood shop's slogan is "The best coffee in Thistleland, just don't ask how", a catchphrase Samuel politely insists his sister made. Run and maintained by Samuel, with his sister handling stock taking and finances from the stores large basement, the SCC shop is considered a must-see for all tourists.