Helena is a female weasel and custodian of the Weasel Library. Apparently unaging, she has both built and maintained her Library for longer then anyone can remember.

Larger then most weasels and wearing little clothing, it has been speculated that she is in fact a Dire animal from the Dire Straits, though she appears to have at least some aspects of normal anthro form, with paws that are far more articulate then a normal animals, and the ability to walk on hind legs.

A kind and motherly figure, Helena rarely if ever speaks, silently tending to her Library day and night. Aside gestures, her main form of communication is the bell around her neck, which she rings to announce both her presence as well as closing time in the Library.

It is evident that Helena enjoys the taste of rodents, casually consuming her mice patrons whenever they stay past closing time, before spitting them back out outside the Library front doors. Despite this, her relationship with the various mice researchers of the settlement of Libreburg around her home is excellent, with the mice putting up no fuss to being consumed, both trusting her and more often then not being too preoccupied by their research to mind.

It is sometimes claimed this silent creature possess one of the largest wealth of information within Thistleland, which has caused her to be the subject of surveillance by the Mages.