Hummingmoths are moths the size of small birds brought to Thistleland by the people of Avala when they evacuated several generations ago. Most Hummingmoths are domesticated, and are regularly used as couriers for letters, scrolls and other small paperwork.

Hummingmoths feed on nectar from flowers, and are fully capable hovering as part of their flight, doing so to feed from flowers why in the air.

Social and affectionate, these creatures as easily trainable, and are considered completely harmless. Their golden brown markings, while not colourful, are considered quite elegant. Due to the high speed their wings flap, much like hummingbirds, when in flight it is not possible to see wing markings.

Mainly owned and used by descendants of Avala populations, Hummingmoths are used to sent letters and other messages between Avala-based settlements, and have an excellent understanding of where they are asked to go.