Iwao Kimura, also known as The Matagi, is a male Japanese Marten who travels as a Matagi on a mission to uncover evidence that might explain an attack on a township in his home continent.

Iwao displays little emotion in most situations, preferring to display his thoughts on matters through actions instead of expressions. He has occasionally been teased by AI co-workers such as Nurse Softooth that machines like them show more expression then he does.

Typically Iwao is dressed in any clothing, armour and equipment he can collect and use, operating on the principals of The Matagi. His signature equipment is his Plasma Blade-Rifle, an energy rifle with integrated sword-bayonet, which is rarely parts with.

Iwao was first discovered by Isambard Lichtigall in The Dark Continent, and the two have proceeded to travel to Thistleland in search of the answers to shared questions as to the disasters that occurred in each others continents.