Julian Forthright

A name mentioned mainly by Adventure Scouts in their folklore, Julian was a person associated mostly with the Year 0 "After Avala" calendar event that those from Avala use.

A determined but calm honey badger, Julian was known as a pragmatic and resourceful person, willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done. Fiercely loyal to the people of Avala, he was originally the chairman of the East Avala Company until the evacuation to Thistleland.

In the final days of Avala, Julian was removed from his position at chairman of the E.A.C for largely unknown reasons, and placed as head of operations for the defensive installations in Avala, primarily to prepare them for abandonment, with the aim to ensure such installations remain serviceable in the event of resettlement of Avala.

After Avala was evacuated, Julian was part of a small group of people that remained to finish preparations and ensure secure facilities remained operating. It was widely expected at the time that the people of Thistleland would assist the people of Avala in returning to reclaim their homeland once they were better prepared.

As no such return mission ever actually occurred, Julian and his team were left to their fate in Avala. While officially declared missing in action, folklore have varying tales of his final times, ranging from a heroic death to achieving immortality. The most accepted assumption is that he and his team died when their supplies ran out.