Kala is an anthropomorphic Kangaroo who lives in a remote Cracked Temple within the continent of Thistleland. Much like many places of a similar nature, Kala's home is a mixture of stone, metal and white surfaces, though obviously in greater repair then the usual Cracked Temple.

Kala is a light tan kangaroo with green eyes who usually wears loose fitting yellow and orange fabric, has bead wrist bands, necklace and dyes her hear green-blue. She is a little over six feet tall, and much like many kangaroos, built for hopping, kicking, and brawling.

Formally working and living in the Cracked Temple she lives in before it fell to Roofection attack, Kala was saved from the monsters, transformation and Roofection due to the fact these creatures cannot infect other kangaroos and wallabies, much like the Roofection they were based on. After the Dungeon workers fell one by one to infections of various forms and Roofection kidnapping and experimentation despite valiant defenses, she had all but lost hope of ever seeing any form of sanity and civilisation inside or outside the dungeon before coming across Tea Spot being recued by one of the 'monsters', a non-anthro genet.

Realising there is still civilisation outside the Dungeon due to Tea's existence, she is slowly, room by room, gaining control and taking back the Cracked Temple from the beasts and monsters running wild within. Kala has access to a fully working Restoration Shrine deep in the Cracked Temple and will use it if any beast proves so dangerous as to kill her in combat. Kala will rarely leave the Cracked Temple to explore Thistleland for supplies and materials.

Kala is skilled at various based studies, specialising in magic artifacts, chemistry and geology. She is also trained in a fighting style similar to kickboxing and has learned how to easily hold her own dealing with most monsters that would shake an Adventurers resolve. Kala likes to take control of situations physically and has a large reserve of willpower and strength of personality. She seemed to enjoy wrestling with the remaining Roofection trapped in the Laboratory with the monsters before they fled, and considered it exercise.

While apparently immune from normal Roofection infection, and infection from monsters that catch her, Kalas actual long term immunity is unknown.

Strangely, despite being proficient in magic herself Kala does not believe in the concept of magic, and insists that the Mages, magic artifacts, and monsters are simply mundane things, often accusing the Mages of lying about their powers. This puts her at odds with most Mages and creatures that use magic, though curiously The Gamanic she has encountered do not dispute her despite themselves using some of the most advanced magic commonly available.

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