Kobolds are a species and collection of tribe-based societies found in the north east of Thistleland, and live alongside their diminutive relatives the Kotimid and their larger and beefier cousins, the Koprime. Of the three species, the Kobolds are the species that represents almost all society-level presence, with Kotimids and Koprimes existing as part of Kobold society.

Kobolds are average sized reptile-like creatures that are mainly bipedal. They have many colourful markings, and often tribal paintings to identify themselves. Highly intelligent, they live in typically small to medium tribes that remain completely independent from other tribes. Most, if not all Kobolds are Dragonoph in their belief and worship, with the aim of each Kobold to obtain ascension to becoming a Dragon, though this religion is praticed differently in different tribes. Much like with Dragons, Kobolds have a large appreciation of gold and precious materials, and are always interested in creating or adding to a collection of gold and gems.

As with Kotimids and Koprimes, Kobolds are a metamorphic species, able to change from one cousin species to another, though this process is rare and almost always caused by external factors. Kobold reproduce with eggs that are hatched in specially made nurseries. Kobold matriarchs usually have priority in reproduction, assuming the tribe has a matriarch based structure.

Kobolds consider transforming to a Kotimid as a regression, and such transformations only occur after lifelong bullying, stress and other weakening conditions. Even then this transformation will often not occur unless the Kobold themselves believes they deserve the treatment they receive, and become more akin to Kotimids in thought. The process of wasting and shrinking can take months, even years before a Kobold is considered a Kotimid, usually marked by the local Kotimid no longer reacting fearfully to a regressed Kobold. At this time the creature is no longer a Kobold, but a Kotimid. Such situations usually happen when a Kobold is rejected by it's own tribe.

A Kobold can also ascend to become a Koprime, and indeed most Kobold make it their aim to ascend to become a Koprime as part of their great journey to become Dragons. In most cases, the process of becoming a Koprime is one that an entire Kobold tribe will take part in, supporting a single, or more, Kobold in their goal to ascend by feeding them far more then the others, as well as providing special plants and other items that enhance the kobold. Protein intake is greatly increased. The Kobold is encouraged to exercise and train their bodies to become stronger, and provided with a great amount of encouragement and support. This process, taking up to a year or more, will strengthen the Kobold and increase their size until they are declared a Koprime, usually proceeding to represent the tribe. Typically Kobold tribe matriarchs are always Koprimes, able to provide healthier eggs for the tribe.

Outside of being forced to regress, or encouraged by the tribe to ascend, Kobolds are stable in their morphology.

Due to each Kobold tribe acting very independently from each other, and there being possibly hundreds of Kobold tribes in Thistleland, a huge variety of outlooks and attitudes can be found with the tribes, and it is best to treat each tribe as it's own unique experience. However, there are several cases of tribes grouping together in loose or strong alliances, creating their own small Societies. Below are some of the known Kobold Societies that have been interacted with by The Adventure Guild.

Savage Kobolds: While Kobold tribes are lower on the technological and social scale, there are a collection of Kobold tribes that are outright hostile to all outsiders, regardless to situation. Painted in war paints at all times, these tribes pillage and attack any that are not of their own tribe, be it animals, people or even other Kobolds. Those attacked are typically either fed upon like animals, sacrificed to appease their local dragon or used as a display, living or dead, to ward off other outsiders. It is currently believed these tribes are this way due to the local Dragon they worship demanding such tributes and aggression, as Kobold tribes further away from the Dragons lair grow decreasingly violent. Typically kobolds from these tribes carry wood and stone weapons, and few, if any use even the bow and arrow.

Techni Kobolds: When the Gamanic first reached Thistleland, several Kobold tribes raided the new Gamanic settlements in the north east Thistleland coastline, in some cases even overrunning the population. The natural Kobold intelligence mixed with Gamanic technology resulted in Kobolds that were able to greatly increase their understanding in technology and sciences, creating the Techni Kobolds. The advances these Kobolds made in their tribes have impacted them socially, and allowed them to become more mature culturally and socially, forming a larger Society of advanced Kobolds, who live in conditions similar to any advanced civilisation. While still not in any official contact with The Adventure Guild, locals at known to trade, interact and generally mingle with such Kobold tribes, with people even living in the tribe. There is talk that these collection of tribes have managed to secure a Cracked Temple and secure it, as well as rebuild the Restoration Shrine within. While unlikely, it would explain how they are able to 'overcome' their meat eating habits without infighting, mass hunting, or local people going missing.