Koprime are a sister species to the Kobold and can be found in the north east of Thistleland. Far larger, muscular and stronger then Kobolds, they are often considered the strength and frequently the leadership of a Kobold tribe.

Koprime do not typically form tribes or societies by themselves, due to their exclusive creation from Kobolds ascending. As such, they are typically considered part of Kobold society and culture. When desired, a Kobold tribe will choose a specific Kobold who will become the Koprime. this Kobold is then fed, trained and exercised for months, possibly years with great encouragement until they become a Koprime. A Kobold can be considered a Koprime when Kobolds accept this on instinct.

All Koprime have the eventual aim to become a Drake, the next step in their religious and biological path to becoming a Dragon. However, the path to becoming a Drake is a difficult one that few will actually put much effort into, let alone achieve. To become a Drake, a Koprime must regularly eat far more then their usual amount of nutrients and protein, and start to live a solidary lifestyle, typically roaming alone. These two factors often work against each other, however. There have been occasions where a Kobold tribe has fed itself willingly to it's Koprime to achieve both criteria, and occasions when it was less then willing, but these are rare. Another factor that works against a Koprimes ascension to Drakehood is the solidary lifestyle often works against a Koprimes need for admiration and respect, withering their minds away from becoming a drake.

Koprime are typically filled with confidence and vitality, and naturally take charge in any physical activity. They find great enjoyment in physical activity and in displaying their size, strength and overall physical abilities, a tendency helped by the fact Kobold will generally admire a Koprime as a superior form.

Koprime males and females can and do mate with each other and with Kobolds, though the resulting eggs will always be a Kobold clutch of eggs. These eggs will typically be larger and produce healthier Kobold, and are considered highly desirable in Kobold society.

Mentally, Koprime are more primal then Kobolds, and often more feral in manners and attitudes. They greatly appreciate adoration and respect, and have a tendency to show off when they are excitable. They also love getting physical, be it in a battle or for fun. They are, however, still extremely intelligent. Even Koprime that use language less as they approach becoming a Drake still have sharp and deep minds, making them a cunning creature.

Unlike Kobolds, which are omnivorous, Koprime tend to be far more carnivorous to support their size, especially as they become more feral. Due to this, and their large appetites, a Kobold tripe will typically have one to three Koprimes depending on tribe size. These Koprime are supported by the entire tribe, and in return support the tribe in physical, reproductive and status matters.

While it is not guaranteed, there is a good chance a Koprime of a tribe will either become, or already is the leader of that tribe, if such a tribe has a leader. This is notable in Matriarch Koprimes, which provide a long term stable environment for the tribe against leadership disputes. Often disputes in these situations are either resolved peacefully, or in the belly of the Koprime.