Kotimid are a sister species of Kobold that can be found in the north east part of Thistleland. Far smaller, weaker and frightful then Kobolds, they are used by the larger cousins as servants, slaves, smaller friends, pets, target practice or food, depending on the Kobold Tribe.

While strictly speaking less intelligent then Kobolds, Kotimids are still able to reason and perform advanced tasks with a good understanding, though they suffer a shorter attention span and find it harder to concentrate. They are also fully capable of forming their own societies and while there are groups of Kotimids found in all areas of the more north east of the continent, these groups are loosely formed, consisting over overlapping closer social bonds with fewer individuals. As such, most Kotimids will readily attach themselves to a Kobold tribe, even if they are poorly treated.

Typically Kotimid follow the social patterns and attitudes of local Kobolds (or more unusually local settlements), though will reflect such outlooks with a more skittish and uncertain disposition. While some people thus considered Kotimids to be annoying pests that are utterly worthless, others find their timid and skittish natures endearing, and have formed bonds with Kotimids, earning their trust. Settlements in the north east of Thistleland often have a selection of Kotimids that prove somewhat helpful and social. Due to this dependence on 'true' societies of Kobolds or people, Kotimids are considered not a species that can make it's own society, but instead a species that adds to and potentially enhances or undermines other societies.

It has been known that small bands of Kotimids have been found in the absence of other Kobold tribes or people settlements, and in such situations these small bands of Kotimid appear more feral and energetically twitchy then their domestic brethren, often alternating between acting fearful and aggressive to larger creatures they do not trust, and carrying small sticks.

While a single Kotimid poses little danger to the average Adventurers, hurt feelings aside, a group of Kotimids acting together will have more confidence and can pose a potential danger to an individual Adventurer. Groups of more wild Kotimids are also known to set up traps and other ways to capture creatures, including people. When caught, a person is not normally considered as much a source of food for Kotimids, though this has happened, as much as they are a source of shiny objects and tools to loot.

Due to their skittish and anxious nature, the ownership of possessions, and collection of food are items of problems for Kotimids. A Kotimid will typically value pretty looking items, and shiny goods that they can carry, and will often either buy the item on instinct, or find a small hideaway to place it. The same is often done for food, and a recognised problem with Kotimids has been found to be food theft, which can be traced back to the instinctual fear of loosing food. Such issues can be overcome with training, education and patience, though the instincts will typically remain in some form.

It is extremely rare but possible for a Kotomid to ascend to become a Kobold. Much like with a Kobold becoming a Koprime the process is a lengthy one, involving a great supply of high energy and high protein food, various health supplements and a large amount of encouragement and assistance from the Kotimids social circle and surrounding Kobold tribe or Settlement. The process can take upwards of months to a year, and the result will be achieved when the local Kotimid and Kobolds recognise the individual as a Kobold.

While Kotimids are often more abused, killed and even eaten regularly by some Kobold tribes, the sheer amount of Kotimids and their clutch size when brooding ensures that the population is rarely depleted.