Liquid Shadow

Not as common as the Vapour Shadow but more deadly, the Liquid shadows flow around The Dark Continent in streams, either moving like water, or remaining still in natural ponds of shadow in wait. Able to sweep away victims into the darkness like a flash flood, the most simple way to deal with this type of shadow is by having a lantern, which is barely able to keep the Liquid shadow from approaching. A good way to evaporate Liquid shadow is with the use of torchlight, though the Liquid shadow will attempt to avoid this almost like an animal.

Once swept away by the Liquid shadow, it will proceed to flood forcibly into the victims lungs via their mouth and nose, as well as push it's way through any other hole, such as eyes and ears. Once inside, it will enter the bloodstream and take control of the host's body, using the hosts own veins, arteries and capillaries like strings for a puppeteer.

Once a host is controlled, the liquid shadow will merge with the hosts cells and start replicating them, causing growths to form and increasing the size of the host. The end result is the hulking monster that is the Solid Shadow

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