The Mages of Thistleland concern themselves with the classification and study of magic and other advanced items within Thistleland to further their understandings and safeguard against irresponsible and dangerous use of magic. Masters of information, they seek to control said information to further their aims.


Based in their sanctuary, the Mage Shrine, almost three hundred miles to the north-east of Guildtown, the Mages are largely the descendants of the Cracked Shrine that became the Mage Shrine. Currently the only known Shrine to have both survived and indeed repelled a Roofection invasion attempt, those within were exposed to the outside world of Thistleland for the first time in generations.

Generations later the Mages have repaired their Shrine, but have either not wanted or been able to seal it again. Instead, they work to classify all apparent magic within Thistleland to ensure that a disaster as large or even larger as the Roofection does not occur again.

With the discovery of a Restoration Shrine at the location that eventually became Guildtown by local Adventurers, the Mages rapidly organised with the local militia to create The Adventure Guild, becoming a founding member.

While the Mages are an important and dominant force within Thistleland, sending both personnel and Airships to ensure their will is carried out across the continent and beyond, they are less then forthcoming with regards to what happens within the Mage Shrine, or how the upper workings of their organisation works. While people outside the Mage Shrine can be accepted as fully qualified Mages, it is far from the norm, and such people are not often allowed into the deeper echelons of the Mage organisation.

Typically Mages avoid direct confrontation and action, preferring to use their Airships and personnel in a supporting function to other members of The Adventure Guild. While many people have taken it for granted that a mage is more dangerous in the political circles then ever on the field, those who have seen the rare and less known Battle Mage in action know never to cross them.


Civilians Civilians rarely know about the dangers of Magic and what can happen as a result. It is best they are kept away from anything dangerous, as their tinkering with magical items often spell disaster for them. Keep on their good side and when use your abilities to help them at your discretion. With all things magic, remember you are their superior in these matters and they should defer to your advice.

The Adventure Guild The most important tool available to continue the Mages good work. Advice Guild members at your discretion, many will be magic users or have access to licenced magic items. Respect the training of those with such items and abilities, if they are part of the Guild they will have training on their magic items or abilities to a level possibly as high as a trainee mage. It may be required to steer the Guild in directions that benefit the Mages, if so be subtle about it, while the member of the Guild may not realise it it's in everyone's best interest that the Mages steer this valiant ship.

Adventurers While your average Adventurer may indeed be thick as two planks and about as annoying as defective summoning spell, they are there to make your life easier. As with the Guild, steer them to where they need to be. It's easiest to think of an Adventurer as a tool to be pointed and let loose, though they can be stubborn if they realise they are being guided, even if it's in their own interests.

Clerks They make your lives and management duties easier. Remember that and don't interrupt their work, as you're just slowing down your own paperwork. In fact it's best to just either think of them as golems, or that they are not worth talking to. Either way you won't be far wrong.

Adventure Scouts The unfortunate part of a deal made long ago. Always keep an eye on them, while their magic and enchanted items were confiscated, they do occasionally turn up some trinket or spell brought over from Avala. Consider them a liability. After all, they did destroy their own continent with irresponsible magic use. Do not let them get any advantage, else they may try to use it as leverage to regain the use of their magic.

The East Avala Company Another annoyance from Avala. While they claim to be a strictly impartial merchant organisation, it's not a stretch of the imagination to suspect them of smuggling Avala magic, enchanted items and even militia. Were it not for their success in entrenching themselves in the economics and minds of the population, they would have been dealt with by now. Keep a suspicious eye whenever possible, and if they have an accident or embarrassment, all the better...

The Gamanic Avoid contact with. The Gamanic are using extremely high level destructive magic in a way that should not be possible, and are more then willing to use such. Desperate scavengers and probably looters/raiders, these last gasps of a society that destroyed itself must not be allowed to gain anything more then the foothold they have on the northern shores. Remember: They were given the chance to integrate peacefully on the same terms as those from Avala, and their response was a warning shot.

Kobolds Dangerous, manipulative, and very chaotic. These pests are a fractured group that often seem to be the barbaric side of tribal. Don't give them any chance to learn from contact. Treat them like the cunning, savages they are.

Witches Pay any reward for a confirmed Witch brought in. If you find clues there is a Witch that you can investigate, do so. If you think you may have found a Witch who was once from our ranks, send communication to the Shrine as soon as possible and await the Battle Mages to engage the traitor. You may use deadly force in any engagement with a suspected Witch.

Pirates If travelling by airship, target and destroy any Pirate that comes within range as a matter of course and as a common courtesy to the local population. Pirates have little, if any value.