Leader of the Adventurers and one of the head members of The Adventure Guild, Mark is a wiry coyote with a somewhat gruff attitude.

Working his whole life as an Adventurer, Mark has steadily risen in prestige and alongside it gained a large amount of respect from not only the Adventure Groups he was a part of, but of the wider Adventuring community. Well known for his tenacity and his resilience more then any strength, Mark started his profession by specialising in the Rogue class before, unusually, switching his official class to that of Warrior.

Having a great number of friends within both the Warrior and Rogue classes meant that when the time came for a new Adventurer Leader, Mark has enough of a popular backing to easily settle into the position. his actions over the years since adopting his often difficult role have only cemented his position.

Strongly loyal to his Adventurers, Mark has been known to be charismatic to friends, and difficult to read to potential adversaries. His Warrior training and outward personality make him the classic face of Adventuring: Bold, rash, simple minded and proud. As such many of the Mages and Clerks have considered Mark an impulsive simpleton who is stuck in the old ways. However, behind this front is a more cunning and calculating person, who is willing to make unconventional sacrifices for long term gains, and that trusts almost every encounter with suspicion and caution. Often what have appeared to be rash and irresponsible reactions to situations by him have proven beneficial to Adventurers in the longer term.

Mark strongly believes in setting an example to other Adventurers, and holds himself to the Adventurer values that he has come to represent. Due to this he doesn't use any magical items himself, being one of the few Adventurer Leaders to decline offering from the Mages and does not use any enchanted weapons or armour, preferring to keep to his lighter leather armour on most of the time.

While he leads the Adventurers and only has their interests at his heart, Mark does have sympathies to other groups. The Adventure Scouts are one group that he has come to respect in a small way, understanding the competitive danger they pose to Adventurers while also sympathetic to what he might agree is excessive restrictions placed on them. Had he been given the opportunity, he may have integrated the two factions instead of repressing Adventure Scouts to advance Adventurers. He is also fond of Clerks, especially Clerks who dedicate themselves to their pursuit of order and organisation, having stated that while such people work in roles he barely understands, they are more plain talking and honest then most Mages and many Adventurers could hope to claim.