Matilda and Robert

These two travelling merchants are often a welcome sight to small villages, towns and venturing Adventurers. Travelling the roads of Thistleland in a cosy traditional caravan that is pulled along by their Udderat, they often run supplies for the merchant shops in smaller towns and villages, servicing settlements that are unprofitable for goods to be traded with by East Avala Company airships.

The two traders usually split roles with Robert, the Pine Marten, gathering firewood, nuts and berries in the woods, as well as providing a small measure of security with knowledge of some defensive traps. He also handles the movement of stock. Matilda, the albino squirrel, handles much of the selling process, as well as finances and inventory taking.

It is usually Robert who handles the cooling of berries and nuts at the caravan's campfire when the two are between towns, with Matilda as assistance, and he is well known for being able to cook nuts so well that they will melt in the mouth. This skill has made the two quite popular both as merchants in small villages and also as small attractions, as the two will happily cook produce for a small group, for a small fee. When between towns at their caravan campfire, Roberts is known to carefully cook and prepare the largest two or three nuts for Matilda and him to enjoy for supper inside the caravan.

Both Robert and Matilda are known to be gentle and calm individuals who will more often shy away from danger, locking themselves in their Caravan at night or if the caravan comes under attack by creatures, after letting their Udderat go free until the coast is clear.