Mia is a female vole that lives in and maintains the Hidden Garden within Thistleland.

Mia is the last resident of the Hidden garden, and as such has sole responsibility over it. While other residents left years ago, Mia stayed on the belief that the facility was still important despite the lack of communication from the outside world. Due to this the systems and output of the Hidden garden is slowly declining, and the facility as a while is in disrepair.

Mia enjoys many benefits of her residence from the facility from unlimited food to excellent protection, and as such can be considered soft in mind and body. Her heart and convictions to doing the right thing are thus her strengths.

It can be argued that she is possibly one of the most important people in Thistleland, though few is any even known of her existence.

Mia is one of the few people the Roofection deliberately avoid and actively protect from a distance, due to their understanding of her importance to the survival of Thistlelands Temples and major settlements (and thus their research subjects).

Due to her situation, beliefs and technical expertise, Mia is considered a member of the loosely allied Free Scientists