The Adventure Guild currently defines Monsters as "A dangerous Creature that refuses to change behavior when it is given the opportunity to do so", though this definition has been known to be altered to better suit the Adventure Guild at a given time. Some creatures that can be considered Monsters have been conveniently classified as normal Creatures by the Adventure Guild when their monstrous aspects prove more useful then harmful to the population at large, such as the Udderat.

While most Creatures that are considered Monsters in Thistleland are feral beats, usually savage in actions, there are known to be intelligent animals that are called Monsters, and indeed some People have been officially given the title of Monster.

While the killing of People is universally forbidden by all settlement leaders and most factions, and the killing of normal Creatures highly disapproved outside the justification of self defense, generally the slaying of Monsters, be they feral or highly intelligent comes with little or no negative repercussions if that Monster is proving itself a menace.

Monsters themselves are treated in a varying way, depending on the Monsters relationship with local settlements. Some Monsters, especially ones created in the act of saving lives, are considered normal People with a full set of rights and good employment opportunity, where others can be treated with suspicion. However many Monsters are viewed with fear and hatred, forced to live in the more remote corners and forests of Thistleland to avoid death, or to continue with their diabolical deeds. Some monsters are known to plague settlements until destroyed by Adventurers, and can build quite a bounty on their heads.

A list of known feral Monsters the Adventure guild are aware of can be found below:

Werecollie | Skitter Sloth | Drop Bear | Shadows | Tooth Sucker | Marrow Mosquito | Plush Beast | Body Field | Torso Tentacle

Intelligent and people-based Monsters that are known to the Adventure Guild are listed below:

Roofection | The Librarian | The Seer | Clive | Decoction Raptor | Gruel

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