Murrka is a continent far to the north east of Thistleland, and has little interaction with other people aside one other continent.

The people of Murrka are a headstrong proud people who are known for meeting problems head-on, often calling out their continent's name as a sort of battle cry. They are highly militaristic, possessing Attack Helecopters, Fighter Jets, Tanks, Drones and other armoured craft. They are known to be highly liberal, compared to those in Thistleland, with normal social taboos such as swearing commonplace. These people are also passionate about their own continent, and like to make flags representing the continent and their local home area. such flags are held in high regard and often given special places of standing. Destruction of such flags will elicit anger and often violence from a Murrkan resident.

Technology wise, Murrka has one branch of understanding that they are known to specialise in, and in fact are one of the few people to do so. Their expertise in chemical-based explosives is second to none, which as a direct consequence means Murrka is one of the only continents to have widespread availability of firearms.

In a rare exchange some time ago, Murrka traded several firearm designs, specifically minigun technology, with another continent in exchange for Artificial Intelligence technology. As such, after a lengthy time reverse-engineering and understanding the technology, the use of AI in their military equipment has been steadily on the rise. While not present on the majority of their armoured units, there are a great many armoured craft that are controlled entirely by AI systems, gaining personalities unique to each craft. Such units are often modified to be able to better utilise the AI systems, including adding speakers.

After their gaining of AI systems, Murrka has begun to take a great interest in gaining new technologies, though they will not change their isolationist stance. They have sent many special operations teams to various continents to scout, observe and report back regarding these surrounding continents, as well as attempt to use opportunities to obtain technologies and knowledge from such places without being detected. Such operations are known to be dangerous, but highly rewarding.

While the range of their aircraft will generally not permit them to set up well supplied bases in Thistleland, the north east of the continent is just within reach of deploying their Special Operations teams. As such, many of these teams, ranging from single person missions to fifteen person strike forces have been send to Thistleland, with generally poor rates of success. However, the confusing and hard-to-understand magically enchanted items that can been retrieved have made such missions worth the high cost.

Due to the high amount of Murrka Special Operations teams being consumed, capturer or worse by the local Thistleland wildlife, their weapons, armour and other tools occasionally show up in the hands of experienced Adventurers. Often such items are found near the end of ruins or dungeons.

The The Adventure Guild has deemed such Murrka items as enchanted, and while they do not know where they come from, have gained enough of an understanding of how they operate as to produce more ammunition for the firearms. As such they are able to provide the extremely lucky person who has obtained such a firearm with more rounds to use, for a steep price.