Little more then a small garrison with it's own docks, the chilly Northern Port is operated by The Adventure Guild and is the only easily accessible launching point for those in Thistleland who want to venture towards The Dark Continent.

The closest settlements to the Northern Port are Glück Verloren and Beobachtungspunkt, which are both settlements of The Gamanic and therefore refuse all contact with the Northern Port.


Originally set up as a possible fishing port to sustain Guildtown, the Northern Port proved too remote, cold and forbidding to be an attractive option to fishers, and began to dwindle in population until it was little more then a hamlet.

After the events around the Darkness Engine in The Dark Continent, The Adventure Guild decided to repurpose the port, purchasing the remaining buildings off the few remaining fishers who wishes to leave and converting them into a small garrison in case of aggression from The Gamanic.

With the loss of interest in The Dark Continent due to lack of rewards and high mortality rates the Northern Port soon shrank in operations until it was only suitable for the supply runs to Darkport.


Being in the north west of Thistleland and beyond the Highlands the climate around the Northern Port is cool, often cold and frequently has chilly winds blowing through. The local land has some trees but is mostly heathland, starting a incline that will eventually reach the highest parts of the Northern Mountains of Thistleland.

The port is somewhat sheltered from the worse weather of the north west due to it's position in a weathered valley, the easy access to the coast provided by such also being the main reason for it's existence.


Due to it's remoteness and lack of redeemable features, there is little much to write about the Northern Port's locations.

At the furthest north is the port itself, little more then a stone harbour with sea wall, with three stone docks for small to medium sized ships. The middle dock also contains a tether for airships.

Of the original village, half of the storage buildings originally for fish have become barracks, and half remain for supplies for the garrison and transport. of the houses in the village, five remain as somewhat maintained overflow and emergency housing, while the rest of the village lay in neglected ruins, much of the buildings collapsed.

A stone wall runs around the entire village and dockyards, with a simple guard house at the single entrance.


Those who stay at the garrison for their duties rarely choose to remain there, and as such attitudes and personalities in the Northern Port reflect the climate.

Fauna and Flora

Due to it's location and climate, the area around the port contains much less plant and wildlife, the most common creatures being found are the Fennec Wolf, occasional Bearten and Jellyraptor, with the Moss Drake being the most well known native species of the area.

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