Nurse Softooth is an Artificial intelligence in a custom built Machine Cobra Naga chassis. Nurse Softooth prefers female pronouns.

Nurse Softooth lives in the same continent Iawo Kimura comes from, and provides various inoculations and pre-travel medical assistance to the Matagi that travel outwards on their missions.

A Friend of Iawo, she often teases him that she shows far more emotion then he, an organic person, does. Indeed, she is an expressive machine, showing a wide range of emotions.

Nurse Softooth has created specialised single-use inoculation auto-injectors that she fits to her mouth, creating two fangs that she will use to strike at her patients with the speed and precision an AI is known for. Such strikes are often painless, and provide an excellent way to inject inoculations to patients. She will then spit out the needles into the waste bin.