The Adventure Guild classifies People as Creatures with the ability to communicate complex and abstract ideas to other People via either verbal, written or telepathic means. While traditionally thought by the various groups in Thistleland as an effective and robust classification method, some species and individuals have been excluded from being called People based on this classification that might have otherwise been considered people, most notably the Decoction Raptor.

People can also be classified officially by the Adventure Guild as Monsters, though this is rare. The Adventure Guild does not mark People as Monsters due to their abilities, but instead as "a dangerous Creature that refuses to change behavior when it is given the opportunity to do so". While many Monsters are People with unique gifts, some are simply People lost to the blindness of their own hate whom refuse to ever change their views.

Generally speaking People are individual organisms, though this is not an excluding factor. for example, two organisms that share a single mind may be considered two People or one single hive mind person, depending on the situation.

A list of notable people can be found below. This list also includes People classified as Monsters by the Adventure Guild.

Teara Spot | Chai Patch | Mala | Bohea | Darjeeling | Rooibos | Peppermint | Kala | Clive | Sophie Patch | Gruel | Timor | Mark | Anna | Jake | Margret | Samuel Port | Samantha Port | Isambard | Iwao | Baldhild | Captain | Julian Forthright

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