The Pet Genet is a female feral Genet who is officially owned by Teara Spot but who considers Tea her pet instead. Typically the Genet is seen either as a small animal, or an extremely large version.

While the genet may be feral in appearance and unable to speak, she does show signs of advanced intelligence, tempered by her more primal and carnivorous instincts. She has on occasion been known to eat people, though the selection of who she eats is typically done with great care suck as selecting someone enrolled to the Restoration shrine, or someone she intents to spit back out later before digestion sets in fully.

The Genet is able to change her size at will though appears to either be restricted to or prefer two distinct sizes, one being a normal genet size, the other being around ten to fifteen feet long. her bodily fluids, such as saliva, are known to turn those it touches into feral rodents. Such victims are usually played with, cuddled with motherly care, or sometimes eaten. Friends are not exempt from consumption.

The Genet typically lives inside Tea's home, though has free rein to wander Burrow Valley as she sees fit. The Genet is friends to both Sophie Patch and Chai Patch, and has an adversarial relationship with the Burrow Valley Fox