Samantha Port

Samantha Port is an Asian Palm Civet that lived and worked within Guildtown in Thistleland. She is the sister of Samuel Port, and co-owner of Samuel and Samantha Provisions, a store mainly selling various coffee and chocolate.

usually seen wearing plain green and cream clothing and often with an apron and understated dark green shirt Samantha is the strait thinking sibling of the two. Confident and calm and of average build she prefers to deal with things in a simple and effective manner, often deciding on a direct approach. This, combined with her no-nonsense approach to taking responsibility, has led to her largely taking care of the running of Samuel and Samantha Provisions, handling finances, inventory and logistics.

Samantha often deals with the East Avala Company in transporting her provisions to clients, and also in shipping the raw materials for Chocolate and Coffee from The Southen Continent to Samuel and Samantha Provisions. There has been whispers that she may also deal with the Adventure Scouts in more discreet trades.

While is often lends a hand to Samuel with his cooking of chocolate and production of roasted coffee beans, Samantha does not produce anywhere near as much Kopi Luwak. She has commented that she is often simply too busy to take care of the coffee process with Samuel.

Due to the occasional kidnapping of Samuel, Samantha is known to give somewhat regular low-level quests to Adventurers and anyone who accept them, to travel with her unto Guildtowns Undercity to rescue her brother. These journeys, and the battling of low level monsters and other inconveniences has led to her being a somewhat competent hand to hand fighter, though certainly nowhere near Adventurer levels, as she often ends up in just as much trouble as her brother, if not more.

It is not yet known if she deliberately gets herself into trouble during such adventures, though she would certainly refute such. However, some Adventurers have reported that she seems to be, at the very least, more susceptible to some monsters, causing her to be carried back to the shop in a similar manner as Samuel, her clothing in a backpack.