Samuel Port

Samuel Port is an Asian palm civet that lived and worked within Guildtown in Thistleland. He is the brother of Samantha Port, and co-owner of Samuel and Samantha Provisions, a store mainly selling various coffee and chocolate.

Typically wearing a brown suit and tan coloured cloth apron, Samuel's slender build and shy attitude combine to make a rather endearing shop owner, glad to be of assistance but uncertain of himself. Thankfully, his sister Samantha and the shop's high popularity usually keep his insecurity and self doubts in check, making him a rather enjoyable person to talk to. He is known to be rather submissive and apologetic in interactions.

Undoubtedly the success of Samuel and Samantha Provisions has been tied to their unusual and highly popular brand of coffee, Kopi Luwak, unique in Thistleland to Samuel and Samantha Provisions. The Kopi Luwak coffee also earned the slogan of Samuel and Samantha Provisions; "The best coffee in Thistleland, just don't ask how it's made".

While the process of making Kopi Luwak is well known, and well accepted by customers and Samantha, Samuel often has conflicting feelings over this coffee blend, and is known to feel uneasy brewing Kopi Luwak for people when trying to make a good impression. Often he has had to be reminded by his sister that people feel very differently then himself regarding this popular coffee.

Samuel is often found attending his duties at the shop, brewing coffee as the shop's Master Barista. He is also the main civet of the siblings to process and produce the various coffees and chocolates, such as Kopi Luwak, spending closing hours processing coffee beans and making chocolate. During these times he can be found in one of the lower basement level of the shop, where the machinery, kitchen and workshop is held.

As with many of the basements of Thistlelands shops and buildings, Samuel and Samantha Provisions bottom level is connected to various older tunnels and access routes used by early builders of Guildtown, which in turn often connect to older areas below Guildtown itself, even down to the ruins of the long lost Cracked Temple Guildtown was built upon. While the life threatening dangers in such unexplored subterranean levels were long ago wiped out by Adventure Groups from The Adventure Guild , there are many less lethal problems that lurk below. It turns out such menaces and hassles are often attracted to coffee and chocolate, and as such it is on a semi-regular basis that Samuel is known to go missing, stolen away to the maze of the Undercity by some monster or other and needing rescuing.

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