Skitter Sloth

Found almost exclusively inside and around the various dungeons of Thistleland, Skitter Sloths are an unnatural and dangerous enemy for any brave person hoping to find loot in the ruins. The Adventure Guild consider them a high level danger to Adventurers.

A non-triggered Skitter Sloth, in it's slow phase

Skitter Sloths appear like their sloth namesake, all be it looking soaking wet, and often move at the same speed one would expect of a sloth. They do however have an ability that affects how they appears and how they move, an ability they are unable to control. They also have a murderous and mindless rage-filled bloodthirst that is rivalled only by Drop Bear, a species considered to be created at the same time.

Once every few seconds, a time period that appears to be entirely random and not in the control of the Skitter Sloth, the monster will have it's ability activate and deactivate. Becoming as wet as if having a bucket of ice water thrown over them, the Skitter Sloth will increase it's movement considerably, appearing so fast to almost be a blur. Able to cross twenty feet in a moment, a Skitter Sloth on the floor of a distant corridor will rapidly skitter along the walls and ceilings with a worrying skittering sound, mixed with it's screeching if it has spied some unfortunate Adventurers.

As randomly as this ability activates it will turn off again, leaving the Skitter Sloth almost motionless again, the only traces of it's former approaching attempted slaughter being it's slowly dripping wet form and the murderous glare in it's eyes.

Due to the unpredictable nature of Skitter Sloths abilities, experienced Adventurers have learnt not to attack an enrages skitter sloth while it is in it's 'slow' state, as if it were to speed up mid-attack the Adventurer would likely end up killed: Skitter Sloth claws, being as long as sloths, are able to slide a person in two as fast as a person can blink. when their abilities are active. Often an Adventurer will ready their weapon for the strike, gain a position, in order to meet the Skitter Sloth once it is in 'fast' mode again. Such motionless engagements are a time of great stress and twitchiness as neither the Skitter Sloth or the Adventurer knows when the stillness will explode into violence once more.

Due to their hatred of sunlight, Skitter Sloths can usually be found in or around the Ruins of Thistleland, hiding away in Dungeons and other dark places. As they are assumed to be an older Roofection experiment that got loose and was successful due to it's ability to slaughter victims effectively, it is not fully known how they have been able to spread to several locations in Thistleland. Some theories speculate on night time travelling, while others ponder over Roofection repeating their experiments in several locations.

Adventurers are warned to reconsider their Questing if the deeper areas of a dungeon have the noises of skittering from the walls and ceilings. Such sounds usually indicate Skitter Sloths moving around in the shadows, and if heard without pause you can guarantee there will be many of these dangerous horrors around...

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