Solid Shadow

The screeching, grinding shadow. Solid shadows are rare, more often found wandering the deep heart of The Dark Continent, and appear to be the final stage of shadow. It is unknown if the Solid shadows are attempting to mimic a specific type of life form, or if they are all simply misshapen shadowy angular growths that sprouted from a victim over and over until they reached gargantuan sizes. Whatever the cause, they appear to have limbs and a torso, though any details are lost with the mass of shapes and angles from excessive shadow growth.

Misshapen and monstrously large, Solid shadows appear to be able to resist most forms of normal light, roaring discomfort at such illumination as their surface melt, hiss and sublimate. While high intensity flash lights, low power lasers and similar will melt and sublimate deep holes into these creatures, the most effective form of weapon against these creatures is the Gamanic Light Rifle.

Solid shadows are also known to be the most aggressive of the shadow forms, actively hunting victims, as well as homing in on sounds that might be adventurers or the like. They will typically use brute force on victims, crushing opponents into the ground or ripping them limb from limb.

While the source of some Solid shadows is unknown, is has been discovered that some of these horrors are formed from Adventurers and other victims being infested with the shadow. Liquid Shadow entering a persons lungs will quickly flood into their blood vessels and convert the persons cells and organs into a shadowy version, usually over half an hour. During such time the infested parts will expand and rupture outwards, splitting the victim apart and controlling their actions even as they appear to be drowning on the shadow in their lungs. By the end of the night, the person is converted entirely and lives their life as a mindless hulking horror.