Sophie Patch

Sophie Patch is a fancy mouse living in the village of Burrow Valley in Thistleland. Sweet, gentle and rather harmless, her delicate nature and refined mannerisms has sometimes been mistaken with snobbishness.

Sophie's fur colour is a golden like hue, and her eyes at pink. She typically wears earthen coloured clothing, including a green shirt, brown skirt and brown cloak. she is known to often carry her apothecary pouch.

Sophie works as an apothecary from her house, which also serves as her shop. She specialises in custom made Potions and is one of a very few places that is able to produce shrinking, growth and transformation potions in limited amounts. Due to not being a member of The Adventure Guild, Sophie has no access to the restoration shrine and thus can not be restored if killed.

As with many members of the Patch family, Sophie has a specific guilty pleasure she enjoys indulging in. In her case, it is being groomed over, and being in contact with a large tongue. She often indulges herself with Tea Spot's genet, who often transforms Sophie into a small non-anthro version of herself to be carried off for grooming and cuddles. The two are very close friends and often spend time together.

Sophie's greatest enemy is a local non-anthro animal vixen that eats common bugs and pests that otherwise damage the crops around Burrow Valley. This vulpine also takes a fancy at rodents the genet has claimed, and often attempts to steal Sophie away while she is turned into non-anthro, swallowing her whole and wandering off to try to sleep off Sophie as a meal in a safe location before the genet can find rescue her. So far the genet has always saved Sophie from her fate as a vixen meal, though it has sometimes been a close call.