Teara Spot, known as Tea Spot or just Tea, is a female springhare Adventure Scout who lives in Burrow Valley.

Tea is enrolled with the Adventure Guild Restoration Shrine and specialises in Adventuring Logistics and Scouting. Typically her quests involve mapping terrain and placing items such as health potions and other pickups along paths for Adventurers to use when they Quest in the area. As with most Adventure Scouts she is barred from any Adventuring work, and as such must rely on evasion and avoidance when dealing with creatures and monsters and is forbidden from completing Adventurer quests.

Tea supplements her Adventure Scout work by working as a cleaning maid, to help pay her fees to the Adventure Guild. As a maid she works freelance, regularly performing single time cleaning in obscure locations.

Much like many Adventure Scouts, Tea owns various pieces of Avala Technology without licencing, which are kept in secret compartments in her home. The items Tea is known to have include her DeLisle Carbine with Momentum Engine rounds and Teleporter rounds, a Wrist Teleporter with Communications, and her Avala Protection Suit with Respirator. As with other Adventure Scouts these pieces of equipment are rarely, if ever, used due to their banned status in Thistleland and the inability to replace.

As with most residents in Burrow Valley, Tea lives in a cob house, which has one grass topped floor above ground, and one floor below ground. It also has a hidden connection to the old abandoned Avala tunnels that are beneath Burrow Valley.

Tea's neighbours are Chai Patch and Bohea Blot. She is friends with Sophie Patch and the two regularly have high tea together. Her Adventure Guild manager is Mala Clark, the Clerks contact for Burrow Valley. She is also friends with Kala, who she feels she owes a debt to.