The Changed Lands

Located to the east of Thistleland and connected via the Dire Straits, The Changed Lands is a continent that has had a transformation catastrophe. Filled with altered creatures and plants, this continent is split into various regions dominated by types of transformation, all caused by the transformation fluid.

Dotted across the continent are small ruins and other hints of the civilisation that once thrived in this land, and on occasion valuable artefacts and treasures are discovered, making the continent a dangerous but potentially rewarding place. Most prized of the treasures are the Ability Orbs, unique and extremely rare items sometimes found in more reinforced ruins and caches.

The Transformation Fluid

Originally sourced from deep within the eastern half of the continent, the transformation fluid rapidly spread through The Changed Lands by infecting animals and plants, transforming them in varying ways. In the present time the fluid can be found in locations, creatures and plants throughout the entire continent in varying concentrations.


The Changing fluid appears to cascade it's effects, specialising with each transformation. As such, different areas gradually filled with similar types of transformation.

Due to it's forbidding nature, exploration into The Changed Lands has been frustrated on many occasions. Some locations and regions are known however.

Changed Lands Outpost Changed Lands Port The Bodies Pass Northern Pass Changed City
The Modifying Mountains Expansive Coast Goo Woodlands Plantimal Plateau Plush Plains
Glowing Vale Corruption Cliffs Interchange Inlet Raptor Ranges Bodies Valley


While the types of creatures in The Changed Lands are changing all the time, there are a number of transformed creatures stable enough to remain as they are.

Roofection Werecollie Non-Newtonian Fossa Jellyraptor Decoction Raptor
Udderat Plush Beasts Body Fields Torso Tentacles Red Planta