The Dark Continent

Located to the north-east of Thistleland, the medium-large land mass of The Dark Continent is the ancestral homeland of The Gamanic people and was known as The Gamanic Continent before the events of the Darkness Engine. In modern times The Dark Continent is shrouded in shadows. It is assumed by The Adventure Guild that there are no known permanent residents within the continent.

The Shadows

The apparent cause of the abandonment of The Dark Continent was the activation of the Darkness Engine and resulting flood of monstrous shadows across the country. It is understood that the Gamanic that managed to flee the spread of shadows to Thistleland were the people living in villages and towns around the edges of the continent.

There are three types of shadows that exist in The Dark Continent, and all three have different abilities and effects. All three types of shadow, however, are considered lethal. Produced by the Darkness Engine, the shadows grow in intensity the further you travel into the continent and are the principal barrier to people attempting to explore the land mass and discover it's secrets.

Vapour Shadow Liquid Shadow Solid Shadow


Little is known on the topography and locations of settlements in The Dark Continent. Before the events of the Darkness Engine the continent has little trade or transport links with Thistleland, and the Gamanic themselves speak little of their homeland. What little that is known has come from the rare trading exchange by the East Avala Company and scouting missions.

Darkport Evakurn Stadt der Lichter

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