The Southern Continent

The Southern Continent is a landmass to the south-west of Thistleland. It is little explored by The Adventure Guild, though the excellent growing conditions resulted in some crop plantations who export expensive crops to Thistleland via The East Avala Company.

Whispers around the braver explorers hint of talk about strange places where the very ground is infested by some strange glowing curse, where the laws of physics break down causing strange and terrifying things to happen, things that no man should or would want to witness.


Must of the Southern Continent is woodland, giving way to jungle and swamps in the south. There is a great amount of plant life, and the temperature and humidity is generally higher then in Thistleland.


Tea Plantations Coffee Plantations Cocoa Plantations Golden Harvest Port


While Thistleland has a vested interest and runs a number of plantations spanning several hundred acres in various locations, the vast majority of The Southern Continent is completely unexplored by The Adventure Guild. There have been reports of primitive settlements and magic using people living in the deeper woodlands. As of this time no serious attempt at contact has been attempted by either side.

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