Thistleland is a creative project set in and around the continent of Thistleland, a land filled with strange creatures, stranger monsters and curious people of all species.


While the continent of Thistleland is the main location in this setting, there are many other locations and continents in other regions.

Thistleland Dire Straits The Changed Lands The Dark Continent
The Southern Continent The Empty Ocean Avala Other Locations


A great many groups exist in Thistleland, some more organised then others.

Factions, groups and other organisations that exist exclusively outside the Thistleland continent can be found in Other Factions.

Civilians The Adventure Guild Mages Adventurers
Clerks Adventure Scouts The East Avala Company The Gamanic
Kobolds Witches Pirates Others Factions

Creatures, Monsters and People

The main rules between what is a Creature, Person or Monster was set down a long time ago by The Adventure Guild in order to lower the chances of innocent individuals being attacked by mistake.

Both Monsters and People come under the larger umbrella of Creatures.

The Adventure Guild currently defines a Monster as "Any creature that deliberately refuses to change it's nature without cause, when provided with options to it's benefit".

Creatures Monsters People Other Individuals

Setting Mechanics

There are certain rules that determine the way Thistleland operates, working together to make the world around Thistleland behave as it does.

Magic Technology


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