Vapour Shadow

The most widespread of the shadow types, the Vapour is the cause of the darkness that surrounds the entire of The Dark Continent. Akin to a shadowy mist, this type of darkness blankets the entire land mass without exception. Vision through the Vapour is limited, often to 50 to 100 meters, and light does not penetrate far into the Vapour, as light and Vapour shadow react to remove each other.

The most passive of all the shadows, it was at first thought that the Vapour was a harmless nuisance. More recent scouting trips however brought to light it's dangerous effects. Vapour shadow will slowly build in a persons body when inhaled, with side effects that build up over a time. One of the most noticeable effects is the Vapour build up in the eyes. Unnoticeable to the victim, the eye white will slowly become darker until entirely blackened as Vapour builds up in a persons system. Near the end result of Vapour build up the victims eyes will appear to be completely black, as if their eyes themselves are windows into shadow. Another noticeable effect is a rapidly progressing depression, with a noticeable deadening of a persons humour and 'spark'.

Once the Vapour shadow has reached a critical level within a person's lungs, it will condense into liquid shadow within the lungs, spread into the bloodstream and take control of the host as per normal Liquid Shadow methods.

Thankfully Vapour shadow build up is a curable condition, and if treated before the Vapour condenses into Liquid, the victim will suffer no long-term effects. The cure itself is simple and effective, though time intensive: For each day spent in contact with the Vapour shadow, a person must spent a day in light, preferably outside in the sunshine for best effects.

In certain desperate situations The Gamanic are known to use a type of inhaler that spreads a glowing gas into the users lungs, dispelling the darkness build up within. Such inhalers are as rare as they are effective, and appear to have a negative impact on overall health.

An easy counter to some of the Vapour effects, and to lengthen one's time in The Dark Continent, is to carry a lantern. Lantern light is strong enough to keep the Vapour at bay, at least in a small area. Almost all people scouting The Dark Continent carry lanterns for this reason, and The Gamanics own militia, Ghost Lights, are named such after the lanterns they normally carry.

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