The Weaselroo is a small-medium sized mammal commonly seen throughout Thistleland. Weaselroos appear like a weasel type animal that has a strong tail. They are well known for their harmless nature and herbivore diet, as well as their affectionate attitude for all creatures, even their predators.

Extremely relaxed and content with the surroundings, Weaselroo can be seen in the wild lands of Thistleland, as well as towns and villages in more rural areas. There is little distinction between urban Weaselroo and wild Weaselroo, often changing place daily. Small villages and towns typically maintain a stable population of Weaselroo which usually refresh weekly.

Weaselroo are typically considered as temporary friends to people, though some are known to take permanent residence in villages or homes, and sometimes a Weaselroo will stay close to someone it has befriended, bonded or imprinted on. Due to their normally transient nature mixed with the lack of repercussions associated with a Weaselroo leaving or being caught by a local predator, Weaselroos losses in the wild or in a village are often ignored.

Weaselroo are almost always considerate to creatures that are passive or friendly towards them. While this not amount to much interaction, the Weaselroo will usually perform tasks and activities it believes to be of use to those around it. This is believed to be an evolved response to support environments that support them, ensuring overall survival.

there have been known many cases of Weaselroo approaching injured Adventurers with health items that have found locally to aid the afflicted individual, and in return for food Weaselroo will often wander villages in rural areas with the sole aim to maintain the village however they are able.

When presented with a predator, Weaselroos have a single defensive measure. They will stand on their strong kangaroo-like tail and start to move their body in a ripple side to side, with the aim of slowly hypnotising the predator to sleep. If the Weaselroo is successful, it has been observed to nuzzle the predators nose before wandering off into the forests again.

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