Werecollies are large werewolf-like creatures of collie dog basis. Standing around 8 feat tall, they have long, shaggy fur, large claws and huge fangs, and their strong legs and great stamina enable them to run great distances. Werecollies can come in any collie breed type.

Werecollie infection can be considered the a variation of either Roofection and/or werewolf infection, as the infection is constant without throughout the lunar calendar and method of infection applied differently.

Much like a werewolf, the Werecollie is driven purely by it's savage instincts. In this case the instincts are not of a wild wolf, but instead of a collie. The primary instincts, aside to infect others with the Werecollie curse, is the herd victims and often to be a good (giant) dog.


A Werecollie.

Werecollies typically do not use their large claws or oversized teeth to slash bit and injure victims, instead they rely on their collie instincts to herd victims away to a secluded place for infection and will rarely harm the victim in this process. This process will usually involve the 8 foot Werecollie gently nudging the victim with it's snout, carefully encouraging them towards a more secluded place. They will rarely use their large, claw-tipped paws to herd, preferring lighter touches and nudges.

While this process sounds easy to escape from, the Werecollie's herding technique has an effect on a victim's mind, the snout's contact sapping a persons willpower to make them more and more sheep-like, quickly subduing most to a submissive, easy to herd state.

Once alone and herded to a place the Werecollie has chosen, the victim will then be infected by the Werecollie, turning them into a new Werecollie. While the most efficient way to do this would be the same biting method a werewolf uses, Werecollies prefer instead to lick their victim affectionately, their tail wagging with increased excitement. While this process takes much longer then a werewolf bite as it takes time for the Werecollie saliva to affect someone via unbroken skin, the result is the same: A slow transformation and conversion to a new Werecollie. Often the Werecollie will lick over the victims entire form to speed the transformation, picking up the victim gently and ripping off their clothing to lick underneath, leaving the person unharmed. Often Werecollies will focus on licking, nuzzling and nibbling victims in places that make the victim more relaxed, or happier. They will do this as in their minds making a person happier makes them a Good Dog, and their tail will often wag even more during this process.

It is usually advisable to not over-excite a Werecollie during this process, as they may accidentally consume the victim. This is noted to be more of a problem with species that are traditionally canine prey, for example rabbits, mice, and sheep. If someone is eaten by a Werecollie, they typically should seek help from someone to recover them from the Werecollies belly before the Werecollie sleeps off it's meal.

If a town or village falls to Werecollie infection, at the end stages the Werecollie hunting method is known to change in response to increased competition for the few remaining victims. They will often form larger groups and hunt down people, using canine hunting methods mixed with werewolf savagery to overwhelm a person and render the person helpless on the floor. Once downed, the victim will be set upon by the entirety of the Werecollies, the entire mob moving tearing off the persons clothing as one as they lick all over the victim together, sharing the victim in a licking and nuzzling version of a feeding frenzy.

While mass Werecollie infections seem catastrophic and unstoppable, they are in fact a passing problem. Much like Roofection, Werecollie infection lasts a total of three days before the person will return to how they were before, having missing memories of their time as a Werecollie. While the infection can be reapplied by other Werecollies during this time, as with Roofection, it appears the Werecollies either are unaware they can extend their infection time by grooming each other or simply do not bother to do so. Judging by their general behaviour and mind-set, it is presumed to be the latter.

Werecollies are generally considered, infection obsession and tendencies aside, to be highly affectionate, playful and rather well behaved. It has been noted that Werecollies are especially attracted and playful towards children and in general do not infect them deliberately, but instead like to play with children. Food training has also proven highly effective at retaining a Werecollies attention and also at training them. As such, a suitably prepared person can easily avoid infection via the strategic use of squeaky toys, chew toys and treats.

Currently there is one effective way to successfully combat a Werecollie without risking bloodshed. While a Werecollie's herding methods sap a persons willpower, it is possible to resist this and turn the tables on the hulking beast by firmly telling the Werecollie "No." While at first this may have little effect and not stop the willpower-sapping nudges, licks and nuzzles, firmly but calmly saying "No." and "Bad Dog." will deflate a Werecollies energy and happiness, as they will start to realise they are being a Bad Dog. Their ears will droop, they will lower their heads, whine and tuck their tail between their legs. If a person can resist this adorable reaction and not comfort the Werecollie, they can continue this process until the Werecollie is defeated, and in doing so will transform back to the person they once were, freeing them of the curse.

It is generally advised not to outright physically attack a Werecollie or run away from one when it begins it's 'attack'. As with Roofection, killing a Werecollie only truly serves to kill the original victim, and running away will over-excite the Werecollie, usually causing the Werecollie to chase down the victim and consume them. It is not known why, but those consumed by a Werecollie are not transformed themselves.

The best known way to solve a mass outbreak of Werecollies is containment and waiting for the three days a to lapse. In cases of entire settlements falling to Werecollie infection, it is best to wait three days, and not trade with the settlement during that time. Once the Werecollie curse lifts from a victim, they are advised to remain concealed, to prevent being caught by another Werecollie and transformed again.

While almost all Werecollie transformations are three day infections, one in a thousand people infected by the Werecollie curse will remain a Werecollie permanently. As with normal Werecollie infections, they will loose their mind to the infection, and be completely converted, mind and body. Nobody is sure why this happens, but such individuals are usually caught soon after an outbreak is contained. As there is no known cure for this lifelong Werecollie curse, the Werecollie is often trained by the local settlement as a guard dog, alerting the settlement of any monsters that approach and defending local citizens from outsiders, especially children. While it takes several weeks, once a Werecollie has been taught how exactly to be a Good Dog, they make well tempered domestic animals. The infection desire is also tempered when it is known this is Bad Dog behaviour, though there are occasional problems of Werecollie infections accidentally sweeping settlements from their trained Werecollie. As with wild Werecollies, domesticated Werecollies can also become over exited and accidentally consume the person they are with Such times a Werecollie will whimper from confusion afterwards.

It has been seen that Werecollies are surprisingly aggressive towards Roofection, more then their defensive nature with other monsters. Roofection in return appear to be highly fearful to Werecollies, far more then usual enemies. Due to this and the similar nature of Werecollie and Roofection infection, there has grown a belief that Werecollies and Roofection may originate from the same place.